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Canon NB-2L 7.4v 700 mAH Replacement Battery: NB-2L

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NB-2L 700


Canon NB-2L 7.4v 700 mAH Replacement Battery. This is a high quality Canon NB-2L 7.4v 700 mAH Replacement Battery. The NB-2l 7.4 volt 700 Milliamp battery can be used to replace the following batteries: Canon: BP2L12, BP2L14, BP2L18, BP-2L24H, BP2L5, BP2LH, NB2JH, NB2L, NB2LH

This battery can be used in these models: Canon: 40, 50, 500, 60, DC310, DC320, DC330, DIGITAL REBEL XT, DIGITAL REBEL XTI, ELURA 40MC, ELURA 50, ELURA 60, ELURA 65, ELURA 70, ELURA 80, ELURA 85, ELURA 90, EOS REBEL XT, EOS350D, EOS400D, EOSKISS DIGITAL N, EOSREBEL XT, FV500, FVM100, FVM100 KIT, FVM20, FVM200, FVMFVM30, HV20, HV-20, HV-30, IXYDV3, IXYDV5, IXYDVM3, MV5, MV800, MV830, MV830I, MV850I, MV880X, MVMV5I, MVMV5IMC, MVMV6IMC, MVX200, MVX200I, MVX20I, MVX250I, MVX25I, MVX300, MVX30I, MVX330I, MVX350I, MVX35I, MVX40, MVX45I, OPTURA 30, OPTURA 400, PC1018, POWERSHOT 40, POWERSHOT 45, POWERSHOT 50, POWERSHOT D60, POWERSHOT D80, POWERSHOT G7, POWERSHOT S30, POWERSHOT S40, POWERSHOT S45, POWERSHOT S50, POWERSHOT S60, POWERSHOT S70, XTI, ZR100, ZR200, ZR300, ZR400, ZR500, ZR600, ZR700, ZR800, ZR830, ZR850



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